, a Resume of John Steven Calder

Resume of John Steven Calder
"Everyone has eyes.... but few have vision.."
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An innovative Product Designer and Developer with excellent leadership skills. Design and development of successful products, from concept to production. Experience and design skills allow me to execute multi-discipline product design projects efficiently and definitively. Consistently demonstrated ability to visualize next generation systems.

Demonstrated talent and ability to analyze target markets, technology and strategy, and redefine goals and innovations.

Detailed oriented, without losing the big picture. Strong multitasking and organizational skills, insuring a successful and robust project completion.

A hands-on technical leader who interfaces well with management and marketing to achieve innovative and profitable Next Generation technical goals. Successfully managed over 30 employees and outside contractors. Responsible for all aspects of project, task and resource management, ensuring targets and milestones are met.

Professional Experience:

Founder & Chief Scientist - Instaclave Technologies - 2014 to present - Materials Sciences company

A Research and Development company specializing in disrupting the composite and carbon fiber markets. Invented and implemented the strongest aerospace carbon fiber process named DPART or Differential Pressure Assisted Resin Transfer process. Instaclave Technologies is the primary licensing source for the "Caldera Laminate" process and the DPART manufacturing process for Aerospace, Automotive, Medical and Manufacturing sectors.


Designed a DPART Foundry package for testing Space specific Inflatable Carbon fiber for deployment on the International Space Station. Due to be deployed in 2023.

Designed 150m reflector array to self-deploy on the far side of Mars, using DPART technology and its varient, a Girder Gun.


Owner - Stoked Brains Studios - 2014 to present - Holding and Licensing company
Independent Design Studio supporting John Steven Calder's work in Materials Science, Product Design and Development, Startup Incubation, Social Responsibility & Awareness Projects, Commercial and private artistic endeavors licensing and marketing, including current film and book projects.

Consulting VP of Engineering - Catch & Release - 2014 to 2016 - Curation and Licensing company

Designed and Architected first generation system for a video licensing and library application.

CEO & Founder - Attention Shoppers Network - 2014 to 2016 - Mobile Shopping company
Location based mobile shopping application that is a Framework Application for HTML5 Web Applications. Partnered with AT&T to install free Wifi in the top 100 shopping malls in the USA.

Product Designer & Chief Technical Officer - TableTouch Inc. - 2002 to 2013 - Touch Interactive Communications company

Founded innovative technology company that was designed to change the way we use computers. Based upon 3 core technologies: High Viewing angle LCD displays, state of the art touch screen technologies and wireless embedded computing. We have created 2 innovative public access retail infotainment systems.

Product Design & Development Consultant - 2002 to present - Various companies
Assisting in design and development of image recognition systems based upon neural network chips. Company is currently seeking additional funding for a variety of products using these technologies.

Designed, Architected and implemented handheld wireless terminal for security and identification applications. Design included fingerprint scanning, live bi-directional video terminal and smart- card reader. Primarily used in law enforcement and European markets, base station supports TARGA networks. Company is currently seeking additional funding.

Chief Technical Officer/ Co-Founder - Spoovy.com - 2001 to 2002 - Streaming media company
Designed architected and implemented Broadband multimedia site. Developed custom Quick Time/Windows Media Player applications and Quick Time/Windows Media Player server technologies. Designed site architecture and developed all processes for pre and post production requirements. Fluent in a DV authoring and streaming tools and services. Staffed the technical team from ground zero.

Design & Development Consultant - IDEO - 2000 to 2001 - #1 Product development company worldwide
Designed and examined and evaluated various Internet Appliance technologies and strategies. Expertise in wireless, display and hand-held technologies and emerging markets. Wrote multiple White Papers on these technologies. Client list available under nondisclosure.

Vice President Electronic Engineering - Frog Designs - 1999 to 2000 - #3 product development company worldwide
Started and developed a new discipline in one of the top industrial design firms in the world. My group designed, developed and prototyped Electronic/Electrical systems for frog clients. Responsible for all hardware, software, operating systems and application software for all convergent frog product development.

Project include the "MySmart Pad" and the Ford Motor Company "Think" electric car and kiosk systems. Innovations included using RF ID technology for the Think cars key system.

Director of Research & Development - Premiere Retail Networks - 1997 to 1999 - Interactive multimedia company
Designed next generation interactive multimedia systems for the nation's largest on-site at Retail advertising firm. Managed internal R&D group and numerous outside contractors and suppliers. This audio/video interactive delivery system is installed an every Walmart. (See demo)

Completely redesigned the system, from satellite up-link to all in-store media delivery systems. Created interactive touch screen with integrated bar code scanners, to a proprietary audio/video delivery system over CAT5 cabling. Architected and implemented the entire system's e-commerce strategy. Designed NT-based server and dual space PCI DVD/MPEG-II decoder board. The system streams eight (8) interactive, Web based touch screens, providing content specific control over an additional eight (8) MPEG II/DVD videos. Accomplished with a standard Tier 1 vendor PC. Designed expansion capability for e-commerce and home based e-commerce.

Software Developer - 1988 to 2002 - Independent Contractor

Wrote Macintosh Client for Cheyenne (Computer Associates) Novell FAX Server system. Wrote in Metrowerks C++. Design included relational database for addressing and grouping. Designed graphics editor for cover page generation. Wrote Novell NLM (Netware Loadable Module) to interface Macintosh ADSP protocol to native Novell API's. Designed and wrote USB software for Polaroid's ColorShot printer. Designed USB Host Controller ASIC.  Wrote standalone Postscript Raster Image Parser for hi-end photo printer company.

Founder - CoActive Computing - 1991 - Peer to Peer networking Company
Designed Peer to Peer Network adapter for PC's. Design was discovered by Kliener, Perkins Caufield and Byers and acquired. Wrote initial business plan, raised seed financing and participated in hiring staff and raising first round financing.

Apple Computer Corporation - Core Communications Technology Developer - 1988 to 1992 - Advanced Technology Group
As a key developer with Apple's Advanced Technology Group, designed the world first retail POS advertising system. This system based upon our internally developed networking technology, SeriLink, allowed a single Macintosh to control up to 64 serial data streams in real-time. Designed and authored Apple X.25 Connection Tool.

President & Founder - Johnathon Freeman Technologies - 1984 to 1996 - Hardware and Software design company
By acquiring the assets of TTX Inc. I founded this company to manufacture the worlds first hardware printer buffer. Product line extended to data conversion devices, multi-port spooler's and smart data switches. JFT specialized in Macintosh OEM products, providing hardware and software to over 20 Fortune 500 manufacturers. Designed and manufactured high volume based computer products. Shipped over 500,000 ParaLink products in one year.

Designed, authored and shipped over 30 device drivers for color, raster and postscript printers, to major printer manufacturers and OEM's. Designed, tested and manufactured three (3) models of network cards for a major Japanese company, shipped directly to 11 countries and documented in six (6) languages. These products were shipped directly to the distribution centers under the clients label.

Designed and shipped over $150,000 in products in 60 days with initial $5000 investment. Shipped $500K in 6 months, $1.5M in first year. Shipped a total of $87M in products to over 15 countries.

Chief Engineer - TTX Inc. - 1982 to 1984 - Consumer printer product company
Designed worlds first high volume, portable PC thermal printer, TTXexpress. Designed consumer CRT terminals and low priced Daisy-wheel printer. Designed worlds first hardware data/printer buffer, later acquired, and was the founding product of my own company, Johnathon Freeman Technologies. 

Design Engineer/Project Manager - Textron/Bell Aerospace - 1980 to 1982 - Avionics & Radar Warning Defense Contractor
Designed in-flight radar warning system for FB-111 Aircraft. Design included RF to Digital conversion and front end pattern recognition hardware systems. Promoted to Project Manager as result of 6 promotions in 2 years.

Jet Propulsion Specialist - United States Air Force - Strategic Air Command - 1976-1980.
Promoted to Engine Test Specialist, working in conjunction with United Airlines on a pilot engine premature failure analysis program. I would debrief pilots, gather statistical data, plot engine trends and predict potentially fatal premature engine failures. I managed the Spectrometric Oil Analysis Program (SOAP), which analyzed trace metals in the engines bearing, predicting premature bearing and turbine failure. I was the only trained and authorized airman to run and test all four engines on a KC-135A (a highly modified Boeing 707). This was quite an accomplishment, as it required to pilot the aircraft on the ground and 'trim' the aircraft's engines while running at full power. Promoted to Quality Control to monitor the performance of the entire Engine group.

Awarded a Congressional Letter of Appreciation for emergency repairs required on "Air Force One". This plane's engines failed over California during the first visit by US Senators to China. In charge of repairing this plane, replacing and 'trimming' the new engine to the plane. This eight hour task was accomplished in one hour, in order to insure the Senator's schedule was met.

Technical Expertise & Skills:

- C, C#, C++, ASM, Java, Bootstrap, XML, SMIL, Visual Basic, CGI, Flash, PERL, JavaScript, mySQL, COM, HTML, HTML5, various CMS languages and tools. Basically, any language.
- Multiple development environments including Visual C++ Developer Studio, JBuilder, Dreamweaver.
- Macintosh Applications, Driver and Utilities in both Classic and OSX environments.
- Windows Applications, Drivers and Utilities in both x86 and 64 environments.
- Android and IOS Applications

- All aspects of Internet Appliance and Hand-held products.
- RF design and analog conversion applications and technologies.
- All aspects of Analog, Digital and ASIC design.
- All aspects of mechanical design, fabrication and high volume production to ISO-9000 compliance.

- Haptic and Touch technologies.
- Wireless networking technologies including 802.11a, 802.11b, WAP, CDPD and TARGA protocols and implementations.
- FFMPEG encoding and MPEG4 standard, Codex's and technologies.
- Completely fluent with the "Internet of Things" IoT technologies and operating systems.
- Image recognition and neural networks.
- All aspects of embedded systems design and kernel design. Proficient using Arduino, Raspberry PI


Bachelors of Fine Arts - Design and Technology - San Francisco Art Institute - 2016
Bachelors of Arts - Business Administration - University of Phoenix - 1992
Associates of Arts - Electrical Engineering - Heald Technical School - 1982
Associates of Arts - General Education - Community College of the Air Force - 1980
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