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"Everyone has eyes.... but few have vision.."
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Media & Communications

Director of Mojo - Argonaut Newspaper and Web Site - 2002 to Present
The Argonaut was a literary journal based in San Francisco, California that ran from 1877 to 1956, founded and published originally by Frank M. Pixley. The name comes from the local term for gold prospectors, argonaut. The magazine was known for containing strong political Americanism combined with art and literature. Many 19th-century writers such as Ambrose Bierce, Yda Addis, and Gertrude Atherton appeared regularly in its pages. It was considered one of the most important publications in California, and it had a great deal of political influence.

The magazine was revived in 1991, by Warren Hinckle, and continues in both print and on-line formats.

Publisher - Hydraulic Press 1986 - Poetry Book
Started a small publishing company, using emerging desktop publishing systems, to enable local poets and writers to 'self publish' using these technologies. Published 30 books and lost a lot of money!

Publisher - US RAG 1986-1987 - Comedy Magazine
Started a comedy magazine based upon the popularity of local comedy clubs. Capitalizing on the infrastructure of Hydraulic Press. Published eight issues and lost even more money!

Civic Participation

Juror - Civil Grand Jury - San Francisco Superior Court - 2003-2004
I was nominated and I accepted the a position on the San Francisco Superior Court Civil Grand Jury. This secret watchdog Grand Jury investigates all San Francisco agencies and officers. Web site and Reports.

Political Consultant - Various Candidates- 2002-2006
Worked with a variety of School Board and Supervisor Candidates for local elections. Focusing on Education issues, web site design and development and authoring policy statements.

Co-Host/Moderator and President - Asian American Political Coalition - 2004

Co-Host and Sponsor of local Political Action Committee. I host local candidates every Friday for neighborhood Meet and Greets. ( see current events)


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