Seamus the Gorilla
Since 1999

To the San Francisco General Hospital Pediatric Intensive Care Ward,

My name is Seamus McGovern-Calder a few years ago I was in Pediatric Intensive Care because I had just cracked my head open. My dad brought a stuffed gorilla, which I still have today, while I was unconscious I hugged the gorilla, and it made me feel a lot better.

My dad could not get me a PlayStation this year, so I asked him to spend the money on something for others. So I am donating 100 gorillas for the next kids who come in to Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, and I hope it makes them feel better too.

Seamus Calder
275 Grandview #202
San Francisco Ca 94114

P.S. My Dad says that if this is good for the kids, and you run out of Gorilla’s, he will make sure you have them all year long.