"Things I lost along the way..." by John Steven Calder
"Everyone has eyes.... but few have vision.."
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As you get down the road you reflect back on your life. You recall friends that you lost track of, lover you never called back, family that you were just too stubborn to call. You aquire alot of things in life and of course, you lose a bunch of things as well. The stuff you lose along the way can be people, things, ideas, hopes and goals. I want to reflect and visulaize these things.

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First in the "Things I lost along the way...". It was proposed to me, what would my life look like if I did not sufffer a stroke and all the by-products that come with that, like depression? Energy is a thing I lost along the way. I simply do not have the juice that I used to and I'm none to happy about that. This my depiction of "Energy". The colors represent heart, soul, mind and such. It burns bright. My light is a little less bright, but by no means is it extinguished.

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